SuperJet Mk. II

Graphic industrial inkjet printer
This printer is controlled from the application software on a PC, where the image is created or loaded into the working area and then downloaded to the controller. The Pc can then be switched off or used for other purposes like vision control off the printing or other applications.

Many features
The controller can control 1 print head with a maximum printing with of 18.5mm. Future releases will enable up to 4 print heads that can write the same image or be individual controlled. The heads will be able to be stacked 2 by 2 or all 4 in one line for printing a wider area.

List of main features

  • Print speed: up to 50 cm per second.

  • Resolution: 200 Dpi.

  • Continuous print or print on demand. Prints Forwards, backwards & flipped.

  • Text lines: 1 line 16mm. high, 2 lines 8mm. high, 4 lines 4 mm. high, 5 lines 3mm. high, 6 lines 2mm. high. Possible to combine with graphic, logo, etc.

  • Standard font of sizes: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 8 mm and 16 mm height.

  • Flexible Installation controller can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Print Directions 360 degree.

  • Programmable fields

    • Batch numbering.

    • Internal real time clock.

    • Date functions.

    • Current time stamps.

    • Expiry date.

    • Date offset functions.

    • Barcodes.

  • Low cost, low running cost no filter change, no use of mark-up fluid, long lifetime, can be self serviced by customers.

  • Ink capacity: 110 ml. cartridges, solvent based.

  • Serial interface with Windows graphical interface.

SuperJet PC Application

SuperJet PC Application configures and manages the print. A workspace is created where the user can place background images and dynamic fields such as dates can batch numbering. The SuperJet supports up to four system font sets that are ripped and downloaded from any TrueType font on the computer running the application.